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Saturday, 7 April 2018

iOS 11 Features For iPhone, iPAD And iPOD

  Rasheed Alam       Saturday, 7 April 2018
iOS 11 Features 
iOS is an operating system of Apple which has a big audience around the world. With the passage of time, it is introducing advancement in its current features. For the very reason, Apple has released iOS 11 on 19th of September, 2017. The previous version of iPhones has been replaced with the subject version along with its new amazing features. 
This version has many advanced settings and features. Some of the top listed are given below. 

Revamped Control Center
The control center of iOS has been patched and assembled with many strong and attractive features. This feature has ended the three-pane view and now you can add many elements as your shortcuts to provide you fast and rapid roaming in your iPhone. The notification bar can now be able to control the whole system with one touch. 

Updated design elements
This version has also touched the design feature of the said operating system. Many built-in apps have been patched and revamped to provide an attractive and user-friendly look to its users. Font, border styles, and the view have been improved in all sectors of the applications. In the previous version, the notification window pops up to the half of the entire screen while now it will pop-up upon touch to the whole screen of the system. 

Lock Screen & Notification Panel
The above features have been advanced by merging both the features into one single entity. Now, when a user swipes a screen downward, it will show notifications but it will be basically the lock screen with all notifications.  In the same way, when a user swipes the screen upward from the mid of the screen, it will basically show the notifications that have already seen by the user. Consequently, a second same swipe will switch the device back to its home screen. 

Advance Siri
With the advancement of a version of iOS, the Siri feature is also improving with each version. As per Apple’s declared news, deep learning has been carried out to implement the smooth pronunciation in-order to express the realistic male and female voice. 
One of the new features in this application is cross-device Siri syncing. In this feature, end-to-end data encryption has been introduced so that only authentic devices can read the respective user data. 
Whenever a user starts Siri application, an icon in the bottom-mid arises. That icon gives you a feature of translation. In this way, a user can get a translation from English to Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Apple is also confident of introducing more features in the near future. 

Files App
There is no need of storing files on iCloud as one of the features of previous versions. In this version, all the files can be stored on the device locally and can be accessed in many ways along with attractive features of files exploring. 
Files can be well managed in the files app where recent files and tags option have also been enabled so that a user can easily search any desired file. It also provides efficient ways to place your file in the files app by just dragging as per to your desired file tags and colors. 

The dock is the mode of switching one application to another instantly. The dock is one of the most effective and efficient features of iOS. In iOS 11, it has been implemented in iPads and can provide ways to switch your apps rapidly while roaming in the application running currently. This can also improve the speed and roaming of the system which will enhance the user experience. 
Drag and Drop Feature 
Drag and Drop feature is also an effective feature for providing rapid roaming across the applications. In this feature, a user can easily touch and hold an app, photo or video to transform from one application to another. For this purpose, a user will have to use two fingers, one for holding and the other for switching the targeted application. 

Quicktype Keyboard
In the previous version of iOS, a user needs to switch the keypad to symbols when there is a need for any symbol in typing a text. Now in this feature, a user will only flick or swipe the keypad to access all the required keys on one keypad. Flick and swipe have been enabled for eliminating the switched keypad feature. 

Instant notes and Inline drawing 
Apple pencil is one of the best features of iOS. The subject features are the two advanced features of Apple pencil which have been added in version iOS 11. 
A user can create instant notes whenever the screen is locked. Apple pencil will automatically appear on the screen and will enable to create notes instantly. 
Inline drawing feature allows a user to create drawings while sending messages or emails from iPad or iPhone device. This is in-line with Apple pencil.  

Instant Markup
Instant markup is a feature of iOS allowing its user to modify anything instantly. Here we can discuss this markup with a screenshot. When a user takes a screenshot, it appears in the left bottom of the screen for instant modification. This allows a user to select the screenshot just taken, it appears with drawing tools like colors and pencils and thus where it can be modified instantly. 

Location tracking and navigation are the two most important features of any operating system. Apple has incorporated many in-door maps in iOS 11 version. This feature provides the indoor map of selected malls and airports. When a user selected and desired airport, it will provide the inside look and mark different important spots of the airport with icons of the selected area. For the time being, some selected places have been integrated while Apple is confident to expand this feature world widely. 

Some of the above features are some sort of modifications in the new version of iOS. These modifications usually get more modified with the time being and user experiences. Besides this, some of the new features have also been added to this version for better user experience. 

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