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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

iOS 10 For iPAD 3 Free Download

  Rasheed Alam       Wednesday, 18 April 2018
iOS 10 for iPad 3

The iPad 3 happens to be the third generation machine. Although technology revolutionizes from time to time. If you want to update your iPad 3 on iOS 10 there are two ways:

Therefore, before you start the downloading. Connect your device to a power source. Make sure you connect your iPad to your Wi-Fi network. So that the battery doesn’t drain during the process. It can take anywhere from a few mins to an hour. Whereas, depending on your internet connection. 

Direct method!

Connect your iPad to the wi-fi. Open the Settings app and tap on General > Software Update. iOS will automatically check for available updates. And will inform you that iOS 10 software update is available.

Using iTunes!

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer. Although, wait for iTunes to open and connect to your device.
  • Click on device button to the left of the iTunes Store button in the top right corner in iTunes.
  • Click on the “Check for Update”.
  • You will get a message informing you the new update is available.
  • Therefore, if the iOS 10 update is available it will automatically download.
  • Click on Download and Update button.
  • Keep the device connected to the internet. However, do not disconnect and shut down. It can take a few minutes. Your device will be updated to iOS 10. Reboot it once or twice. You will see while Hello screen after it is successfully updated. Follow the on-screen instructions to start using the device.


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