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Thursday, 5 April 2018

iOS 10 Beta Free Download

  Rasheed Alam       Thursday, 5 April 2018
IOS 10 Beta Download:
Apple has always been successful with their operating systems. Let them be the operating systems for their computers, tablets, or smartphones, their new releases have always satisfied the users and that is why today, we are again here to discuss one of their best-operating systems that are IOS 10. IOS 10 got released in 2016 and since a long time has passed after its release, there are many versions of it. It would be best if the users starting from iPhone 5s and above use this operating system. It is because of the reason that IOS 10 is a heavier operating system and there is no chance that the older iPhones including iPhone 5 and below will be able to handle it. IOS 10 Beta was another fine version today we are also giving you the IOS 10 Beta Free Download for the iPhone users.

Besides the free download which is imminent on our website, you will also be reading a detailed review of the features which have come up with this beta release of the IOS 10 for the iPhones. The phones on which you can run this version include iPhone 5s, 6, 6s, and the other phones which came after. So the earlier versions of this IOS have been shaky where there were some bugs for the older versions of the iPhone and maybe that’s why a better version was released. Even though IOS 10 has even got its 10.3 version, the beta version has been pretty impressive and there are so many features which have impressed the users over time. Today will also be discussing those features in detail and you give a detailed review. So there is pretty much to learn about these and we shall get going now.

IOS 10 Beta Review:
With the release of the new operating system, the new features which you get are no exception. However, most of the developers fail to achieve something really cool which would make users feel entirely different account an OS. Well, this is not the case about IOS 10 Beta. which was everything perfect in terms of the features, the performance, and the app updates which were so good that even after the release of IOS 11, there many users who have not adapted to the upgrade. So as a predecessor, IOS 10 release in September 2016 and at the same time next year, its successor IOS 11 was released. Besides the other features, one of the best things about this operating system was the compatibility of this operating system with the respective devices which made the users fell in love and that is why it is still being used.

Well, even though is going to come ahead in the features review as well, I would love to discuss how compatible this IOS has been. Starting from the Apple iPhone 5, the compatibility of this IOS 10 extends to the latest iPhone X and as I have told you before, there are many people who still prefer this operating system even for their latest phones. However, due to some of the features which were made for iPhone X and can only be used with IOS 11, people had to change otherwise, as far as the older iPhones are concerned, most of the fans just love to stick to this operating system for good. There are many features of the iPhone such as the 3D touch, SIRI, and others which go very well with this IOS. A detailed review of the features shall elaborate these things pretty good for you.

IOS 10 Beta Features:
This has definitely been one of the bigger updates and that is why it has come up with a lot of features. Today, we will be telling you all the features which got released with the IOS 10 Beta version. In the end, you will be able to get IOS 10 Beta Download from our website so that would be a gift for you as well. Let us move ahead and begin our review now.

1: The SIRI Translator Update: In the older operating systems, your favorite voice recognition software SIRI could only understand the English language and work accordingly. However, just to enhance the user experience of different people buying the iPhone in different parts of the world, this new operating system IOS 10 Beta enables SIRI to translate and understand many languages in the world.

2: Augmented Reality Support: For the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of people working and talking about the augmented reality. Well, there are many phones who achieved that much earlier than the Apple iPhone, it has been introduced finally to iPhone X. However, you will need to the IOS 10 update and even if you are running this on iPhone 6, you will need to get this update for the augmented reality.

3: The Better ICLOUD Synchronization: With the release of IOS 10 Beta one of the biggest problem which users have been was solved. Well, it is the synchronization of their Phone with Mac and iPad devices which were kind of crappy in the older operating system. Since Apple has taken care of that, the new IOS 11 now brings amazing synchronization with this latest IOS 10 for iPhone 6 and X.

4: Messages Synchronization and Backups: There are times when people send you important stuff in the text messages. If that data happens to delete due to some mistake or some other problem, it becomes really difficult for the users to retrieve. But now with IOS 10, you can turn on the automatic backup of your text messages and other important data such as this in the ICLOUD and whenever it gets deleted from your phone, you don’t need to worry about its retrieval.

5: The File Manager Upgrade: In the older OS, you could only access your app data and settings from the store. However, now you can directly open your file manages where you can access the apps and their cloud storage as well just so you can do all of this from the same place.
So this was a complete review of IOS 10 Beta and its features. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback and keep visiting our website for more.

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