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Sunday, 11 March 2018

iOS 11 For iPhone 5s Free Download

  Rasheed Alam       Sunday, 11 March 2018
IOS 11 for iPhone 5s:
There is something special about iPhone 5s. When this enhanced version of the iPhone 5 got released, most of the people switched quickly to it. This could be due to the many reasons. One of the reasons might be the presence of the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. Another reason for this would be the better compatibility of different operating systems with this phone. Now whether we talk about the older operating systems or the newer ones, all of them go perfectly for iPhone 5s. Today, we are going to tell you about IOS 11 for iPhone 5s which is the latest operating system released in 2017 for the Apple Phones and due to its perfect compatibility even with older phones such as 5 and 5s, people are simply loving it. While we are at it, let us discuss this once and for all.

IOS 11 is the successor to IOS 10 which was released in September 2017 and is currently the dominating operating system on all Apple iPhone devices. This operating system was mainly released to cover the new features which were being introduced in the Apple iPhone X and also to improve the already existing features. When this operating system was released, the compatibility for the older iPhones such as the phones below iPhone 5 was discontinued and now it can be installed and run on phones including iPhone 5, and the phones which were released after. Here is an operating system which has so much to offer and is lighter than ever. We will discuss a ton of features were released in this OS for the iPhone users when we will do the review of the features and performance of it. We shall now move and tell you the features.

IOS 11 for iPhone 5s Features:
There were so many features in iPhone 5s which got improved after the release of this operating system. Also, some new features were also introduced for this phone and were made compatible which we are going to discuss ahead in this review. While we are running short of time and words, we shall commence!

1: Lock Screen and Notifications Merged: Before this update, you had to completely unlock your phone in order to read the complete notifications and sometimes it could get messy and bothering. Well, I think it has been a good approach that they merged notifications panel on the lock screen and now you can see notifications from all apps on your lock screen. It is after that when you can choose to open your phone if you think there is an important notification otherwise, you can just put it down.

2: A Complete New Design and Interface: Well, if you have been feeling pretty lately due to the design of your iPhone and its interface, IOS 11 has changed that all. Now, when you will upgrade your iPhone 5s to IOS 11, you will see a whole new interface with pretty better graphics for the icons and a bolder font. Now, you will be able to see everything clearly and you will also find the interface of your phone much more attractive than it was before.

3: The Customizable Control Centre: Apple’s Control Centre has always been better. However, many users still thought that it would be better if it could be customized even more. Well, it seems like Apple took care of the needs of the customers by adding some options due to which the Control Centre can now be optimized very well. This gives users more freedom to do what they want to do on their phone.

4: The Intelligent SIRI: It seems like that whenever Apple is making an upgrade in their system, they always have SIRI in their mind. That is why with each and every update, SIRI is only getting better and natural. Now, it is translating things even better and recognizes everything easily. Also, on the latest iPhones, it would perform tasks much faster so you are in for a real treat with SIRI. Do not forget the number of languages added which SIRI can now translate.

5: Maps: We have seen lately that Apple has been much focused on improving their maps and the GPS system. We saw some good upgrades to this system in the IOS 10 upgrade and now again in the IOS 11. A lot of countries with the accurate maps of different places have been updated to the phone and now the chances of getting lost somewhere in the streets are even slimmer.

IOS 11 for iPhone 5s Review:
You have got to be pretty unbiased when you are reviewing something. Even though Apple leaves pretty low chances of that, there are always flaws in the technology which you can find out and bash the brand. As far as the features are concerned, you can never downgrade Apple because they have been so smart always with their updates. Even on the older phones, they have taken care of the needs of the users. Even when you are not using the latest iPhone, you would still feel kind of complete. However, where they really mess up is the processing performance.

Well, this is something we might have not seen in the previous versions but while trying to make a bigger update for the iPhone X, they kind of missed on the optimization for the older phones. That is why when you install IOS 11 for iPhone 5s, you will feel a little lag while opening some apps especially the ones which are a little heavier. So in the latest versions of the iPhone including iPhone X and 7, the performance of the operating system is quite smooth but for the iPhone 5s, it has become a little heavier. But, you can always get help from some optimization apps and make the performance better for you.

So this was everything you needed to know about IOS 11 and its latest features for iPhone 5s. If you liked this article, do not forget to leave us your feedback about it. To learn more about different Apple operating systems, keep visiting us back. Stay Tuned!

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