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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

iOS 10 Download Free For iPhone, iPAD, IPod

  Rasheed Alam       Tuesday, 6 March 2018
IOS 10:
Whenever Apple announces the release of their latest IOS operating system, the users just go crazy over the thought. We have always known these developers for bringing some major changes and mostly some massive improvements in the interface and apps. If we talk about some of the best operating systems ever by the Apple. Inc. there is no denying that IOS 10 is going to be among them. Even though the 11th edition that is IOS 11 has also been released in 2017, still, a lot of people are using IOS 10 for its amazing performance. It was light, easy to use, and brought and interface which every Apple user loved. Today, we will be reviewing this operating system in detail. The review will discuss the user experience, app features, and functionality of this quality operating system. So without any further delay, let us begin with the article.

IOS 10 Review:
With the release of the new operating system, the new features which you get are no exception. However, most of the developers fail to achieve something really cool which would make users feel entirely different account an OS. Well, this is not the case about IOS 10 which was everything perfect in terms of the features, the performance, and the app updates which were so good that even after the release of IOS 11, there many users who have not adapted to the upgrade. So as a predecessor, IOS 10 release in September 2016 and at the same time next year, its successor IOS 11 was released. Besides the other features, one of the best things about this operating system was the compatibility of this operating system with the respective devices which made the users fell in love and that is why it is still being used.
Well, even though is going to come ahead in the features review as well, I would love to discuss how compatible this IOS has been. Starting from the Apple iPhone 5, the compatibility of this IOS 10 extends to the latest iPhone X and as I have told you before, there are many people who still prefer this operating system even for their latest phones. However, due to some of the features which were made for iPhone X and can only be used with IOS 11, people had to change otherwise, as far as the older iPhones are concerned, most of the fans just love to stick to this operating system for good. There are many features of the iPhone such as the 3D touch, SIRI, and others which go very well with this IOS. A detailed review of the features shall elaborate these things pretty good for you.

IOS 10 Features:
Now we are at the point which people love the most about a review. This is because of the real wait for a new operating system all the time and especially the features which come alongside the new operating systems which are being released. We will move ahead and discuss some of the top features of this operating system.

The Updated SIRI: SIRI is a voice recognition based software in the Apple phones which allows you to do different things using just your voice. For example, if you need to play the music, just order it using your voice and SIRI will do that for you. That is not all! There is a lot of other preprogrammed stuff in the iPhones which you can do with this voice recognition software. Now in IOS 10, this has been upgraded to a whole new level. Now, whatever there is to do on your iPhone, you don’t need to tap the screen for it and just order SIRI to do it. Also, you can now ask it to sing songs and entertain you by other means as well. This definitely is really good.

3D Touch: We loved how the iPhone 7 introduced the 3D touch which allowed us to do our tasks faster and better. This helped the users in multitasking as well. But before the release of the proper operating system for this feature, this was quite useless. So with the release of IOS 10 iPhone software, a major update was made and your iPhone could now use this 3D touch feature much better and so the true essence of this feature was realized. You will at least 1.1 GB free to install IOS 10 so make sure that you have it on your iPhone.

The Apple Maps: The Apple Maps were never better before the release of IOS 10. Though they were good when it went out of the United States and some other countries, they didn’t really help as the people expect. However, it was taken care of completely with the release of this operating system where you can now travel all over the world and the maps from Apple will guide your way. You can now set your GPS to the exact location and reach there easily.

The Updated Media Apps: The Media Apps on the Apple were always good, however, the user always felt that they could be much better since there were some necessary features missing. Let us take the Photos App for instance where users could always take photos and save. However, now with the release of this latest IOS 10, you could now make a faster back up of the data on the cloud storage of the Apple. Also, with the video playing app on the phone, you can now directly download subtitles for any TV show or movie you are watching.

Games, EMOJIS, and Miscellaneous: For those love gaming on their iPhone, the store was updated and since the phone has been made lighter with other apps, the gaming experience will be even smoother when you will install IOS 10.
The Lock Screen: There are a lot of security features have been added and the lock screen has been updated with the amazing widgets which will make your phone appear better and the security will be better.
So these were some of the top features which you were going to enjoy from IOS 10. If you want to know more about this, keep visiting our website.
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